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Are Winter Tires Worth The Money?
Are Winter Tires Worth The Money?

Are Winter Tires Worth The Money?

If you’re in the market and confused about new winter tires, all of the variables in tire specifications and the confusing jargon you might hear from tire salesmen or “experts” might make your rather stressful when you buy winter tires. Or maybe you just want to fully understand the idea of winter tires before you go spending your money on them. Winter Tires are not that expensive like you consider them to be nor are they a hassle; we try to prove ourselves right with the post below.

There is no significant price hike

Purchasing a winter tire does not affect the amount of money you will spend on tires to a significant degree. Now as icing to your confused thoughts let me try to add that your nice all-season (or summer tires, as the case may be) will not be used for three-four months a year, extending their usable life, thus saving you money since you won’t have to replace them as often.

Extended Life for both your tire sets

Bringing more validity is the trends that are backed up by studies showing the current average length of ownership of a new car is six years (five years for a used car). With a 60,000 mile all-season tire from the manufacturer, you’ll likely be replacing your tires at year four. However, if you were alternating those with a winter set, you can go well over seven years on your original set of tires. So in seven years of ownership, you would only have had to purchase one set of tires for your vehicle, but also you would have enjoyed the best in safety and handling in all situations based on your road conditions.

Putting the numbers in perspective, how much is your savings? I would say about 500$ to 1000$ for most average drivers in the country. I was able to buy a set of wheels and winter tires for around $500.

Benefits of better performance

The ability of winter tires in performance comes with a huge difference between tire compounds on the ice. With this improved performance, if you can avoid even just one fender bender by coming to a stop in a shorter distance, how much would that save you? Not to mention your insurance rates not going up, and not having to use vacation days when you can’t drive to work due to weather.

Hence, we have done our part of trying to deduce for ourselves and in the process help you see the savings that come when you purchase winter tires for your cars beside the immediate benefits that most consumers are aware of.

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